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The Future of the Workplace, 5th October – Q&A with Key Speaker, Andrew Try, ComXo

September 2017
Andrew Try, MD of ComXo will be sharing insights on what’s to come for the Future of the Workplace on the 5th October. We asked him 5 questions on how technology has shaped his life, both professionally and personally:

  1. Who has had the biggest influence on you personally/ professionally?
    In 1988 as part of my business degree in Boston USA, I worked as the personal intern for Peter Diamandis.  Peter is now regarded as one of the foremost futurologists of our age and recently named by Fortune magazine as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders. Peter taught me that dreams become visions and with tenacity and endeavour, visions can become a reality. If you believe in a vision with enough conviction, nothing can stop it from happening.

  2. What did your work day look like in 1990?
    In 1990 I remember returning from the US and being horrified at how slow business happened in the UK.  Nobody answered their phones and automated response and voicemail were prolific.  I bought my Apple computer back from the US and I had one of the first laser printers in the UK.  For most people who were still using type writers and correcting with tipex, a word processor was like magic.

  3. What was your favourite gadget?
    My favourite gadget in 1990 was a hand held OCR device that scanned writing and turned it into text.  It looked cool but was absolute rubbish.

  4. What Invention has changed your work life the most?
    If you take out the obvious being the Internet, then it must be Power Point.  Being able to present ideas simply, visually and graphically is something I have relied upon daily for years.

  5. What app could you not live without?
    Our own of course….but if you exclude that then I would say Flipboard.  It is a free app that consolidates articles on subjects I am interested in from every publication around the world and feeds it to me in a daily edition…brilliant.

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