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How Video Conferencing as a Service could Improve Productivity

April 2017
In a world where globally distributed workforces, flexible working and face to face ‘collaboration’ are mainstays in keeping businesses functioning and profitable, it is crucial that the provision and management of business services is an integral part of the company strategy.

Video conferencing has been around for a while and has many different guises, be it cloud based or accessible only by sitting in a specially decked out ‘video room’, video conferencing serves an important purpose of facilitating communication.

Video conferencing is not sector specific, it is used universally to facilitate important discussions and the visual element is key. Everyone has experienced a conference call fail where the missing visual ques have had a detrimental effect on the outcome of the call and are a productivity disaster. Calls that don’t initiate or individuals are unable to join are embarrassing to the host and have a negative impact on the reputation of your business. Well managed video calls are the future of workplace productivity.

ComXo’s Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) offer two different levels of support to ensure that this important collaboration tool is optimised for both your internal and external clients.

  • ComXo Connect Support – Remote management and monitoring of your day-to-day video collaboration environment, including hardware, software and network

  • ComXo Connect Concierge – Complete end-to-end management of your important video calls. All pre, during and post call logistics are managed by our 5 star support team, providing complete peace of mind

More and more technology is being introduced into the workplace and some individuals don’t have the time or inclination to understand it, they just want it to work. Having a technology partner who can provide end user support and manage your video services so you don’t have to, may result in a significant cost saving.

ComXo Connect - Video Conferencing
“What we’ve seen more and more is that there are many highly-seasoned, non-tech-savvy senior employees in the professional service firms that we work with. Having managed services is a HUGE benefit as it removes the worry of meeting logistic confusion in a world where video conferencing is increasingly prevalent. Everyone views their time as valuable, but individuals who charge by the hour really need to focus on what’s most important: their clients. They can’t afford to waste billable hours fumbling with virtual collaboration technologies. Having a trained video professional handle their collaborative technologies is the way forward and this will only continue in the years to come”
Paul Roake, Head of Technology Solutions, ComXo
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