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May 2015
At ComXo we understand the importance of bees and their impact on our environment. Therefore we were delighted to welcome Bees to the ComXo family in early 2014.

Led by one of our Team Leaders who has a keen interest in bee keeping, this was an environmental project we were quick to sign up to.

We were proud of our first honey harvest in late 2014 of which our staff and clients benefited with a healthy honey treat for Christmas, to keep everybody's voice sweet during the winter.

Bees are relied on to pollinate a third of our fruit and vegetables. Without them, it would cost UK farmers around £1.8 billion to pollinate their crops, resulting in the food we eat costing considerably more. Estimates range from 50%-80% of the world’s food supply being directly affected without bees to pollinate crops. This does not just apply to crops, but also to the wider environment. Cross-pollination helps around 90% of our wild plants to thrive, and many would die off without help from bees.

Keep them buzzing…
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