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Celebrating extraordinary people for 25 years

August 2015
ComXo quietly celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, because shouting out loud is not in our nature.

One thing we did however was get a little face lift, only subtle but with an important message in mind, celebrating the extraordinary people at ComXo who are the voice of 200+ professional service firms across the City of London and beyond.

These people who are the lifeblood of our business are depicted in the X of ComXo which has always stood for Excellence and is now brought to life in our new logo.

We invest considerable time and effort in recruiting the right people and developing our Windsor based staff to be the very best, to deliver an excellent service experience to our clients. Our values are at the core of who we are and what we do. They guide every call we answer and every encounter with a client, supplier or colleague.

The foundation for the ComXo values was laid in 1989 when Andrew Try, founder and MD of ComXo returned from University in Boston to his home town in Windsor. He was appalled by the pedestrian pace and slovenly approach to phone interaction he experienced while setting up his first business. The experience of calling into businesses large and small companies alike was appalling.

An incident with a law firm, which lost his family a property and the law firm a client, inspired Andrew to make a change. “There must be a better way, there has to be a need for an absolute specialist, delivering exemplary switchboard experiences to law firms.  I can help lawyers be easy to contact and help to make doing business with them (at least) a pleasure at ‘first contact’ and this will drive their revenues.”

So ComXo was born; providing extraordinary people, polite in nature, professional in demeanour, proficient in technology with bags of personality delivering an exceptional service experience to callers, whatever the time of day.

Now a decade later, ComXo has evolved and tailored its world-class technology to deliver a switchboard fit for the 21st century professional service firm.
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