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Switchboard - A Family Affair

August 2015
The above photograph was taken in 1942 at the Kensington Telephone Exchange. The lady in the far right is June Bick who was 22 years old at the time, she was working on the switchboard during WW2. She later worked on the Switchboard for Tottenham Hotspur football club which was often referred to as a ‘doll’s eye board’ because when a call came in it resembled that of an old-fashioned doll opening its eyes.

Sisters Sophie and Katya Van Bick at ComXo 21st Century Switchboard in 2015In 2015, the granddaughters of June Bick are following in her footsteps, working at the 21st Century Switchboard provider ComXo. One of them, Katya, being 22 years old, just like her granny at the time.

Switchboard has changed a lot since 1942 and sadly granny June is not here to see the amazing evolution that switchboard has undergone. However she would be extremely proud of her granddaughters today, who are providing an invaluable five star telephone answering services for ComXo clients, protecting the brand image of many large law firms in the City of London.


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