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6 Top Tips to Protect your WORKFORCE during a Crisis

A business must be able to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during an emergency. A real disaster can bring down communication systems and have a direct impact on a business’s Duty of Care to it’s workforce, so it is imperative to ensure a Communication Strategy is in place to ensure the workforce is protected.

Modern workforces are mobile, but out of sight cannot mean out of mind – employers have a duty of care to all employees whether they’re in the office, working remotely, at home or abroad.  Maintain accurate contact details for every member of your workforce and ensure it is readily available

No single communication route is 100% reliable 100% of the time, so a business should employ multiple messaging options and have a plan for reaching all members of the workforce, even when traditional routes are unavailable. Ensure your messages span multiple modes (e.g. voice, text, email etc.) and have a cloud-based tool that is accessible from anywhere at any time

Communication channels should be 2-way so that employees can call in with any questions/concerns, provide their whereabouts, and attend virtual meetings if they’re not able to get to the office. Set-up an employee information line with roll-call facility and have a voice/video conference facility ready to go

Ensure traceability of all communications and demonstrate compliance by tracking everything sent and received. This may also be required for any insurance purposes post the event.  Monitor deployment and delivery with a tool that has live delivery status reports and flags for any non-response/areas to follow-up

The only way to know for sure that your internal communication strategy is effective is to put yourself in your employees’ position and know that the plan will work if/when invoked.  Scrutinise your BCP from your employees’ point of view. Test and re-test everything with your BCP supplier


There is no firm with a BCP in place that does not involve a 3rd party provider. It is important to choose the right partner who can provide the backup for crucial data and be easily accessible during a disruption to your business.  Choose a BCP partner who is an expert in their field and who will always be available, even when you are not

Business as usual, whatever the weather…

The Winter of 2013/14 saw some of the wettest weather in the UK since records began with 19.2 inches of rain falling between 1st December and 19 February. The impact on individuals, businesses and infrastructure has been substantial with large scale evacuations and damage to property with an estimated £1.2bn costs to insurers.

ComXo’s head office is located in Datchet, one of the areas in the Thames Valley that was badly hit by the February floods.  Despite a full loss of premises, ComXo maintained business as usual throughout the disruption. Text and email blasts kept staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders fully appraised of the situation. Information was delivered clearly and concisely to reduce misconceptions and reassure clients that business operations continued to function.

Why ComXo?

Your switchboard is key to protecting your Revenue and your Workforce in the event of business disruption.  To see how ComXo can protect your Revenue click here
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