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6 Top Tips to Protect your REVENUE during a Crisis

A business must be able to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during an emergency.  When the image of the business can be positively or negatively impacted by the way the incident is handled, it is imperative to ensure a Communication Strategy is in place to ensure revenue is protected.

Clients are the main source of revenue, so contact with them has to be a top priority. A recent study by BT found that customers will normally only call twice before taking their business elsewhere, with a fifth saying they would only call once. Make sure you know who will be answering your clients’ calls and know they have the ability to step-in seamlessly

When brand differentiation through exceptional client experience is high on the agenda for many professional service firms, it is not acceptable to be unavailable to your clients, or to give them a reduced client experience. Ensure your own client service standards are maintained

Being able to demonstrate to your clients that regardless of the situation you are capable of maintaining high service standards, engenders invaluable loyalty and can protect your existing and new client base. Ensure your clients can call in any time of day or night and receive a calm, professional “business-as-usual” service

If the disruption is major and/or newsworthy, it is likely your clients will hear about it and rumours may start to spread. Have a strategy in place to proactively contact key clients and reassure them things are under control

The only way to know for sure that your clients’ needs will be met during a disruption to business is to put yourself in their position and know that the plan will work if/when invoked. Scrutinise your BCP from a client experience point of view. Test and re-test everything with your BCP supplier

There is no firm with a BCP in place that does not involve a 3rd party provider. It is important to choose the right partner who can provide the backup for crucial data and be easily accessible during a disruption to your business. Choose a BCP partner who is an expert in their field and who will always be available to your clients, even when you are not

When things go wrong

On April 1st 2015, an electrical fire near Holborn Station in London, led to an evacuation of 5,000 people and 3,000 businesses were left without power. The fire affected one professional service firm for a period of 48 hours, during which their premises were evacuated and communication channels severely affected. During this time they received 298 calls into their switchboard. Industry statistics show that 55% of calls into professional services are value calls, i.e. not sales or staff calls.

Fortunately, the firm was able to divert all calls instantly to ComXo - their BCP switchboard provider, who seamlessly took over the full volume of calls without compromising on call quality. Not only that, they had their internal directory database up to date, and were able to communicate with staff working remotely throughout the incident, enabling everyone to continue doing their job.

“ComXo were excellent during the disruption to our offices… They usually only take our overflow calls, however over the 1st/ 2nd April their call volume increased fifteen fold and still remained at the highest quality, which, at such short notice, is a real credit to their exceptional team.”

IT Operations Manager, UK Top 50 Law Firm

Why ComXo?

Your switchboard is key to protecting your Revenue and Workforce in the event of business disruption.  To see how ComXo can protect your Workforce click here
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