ComXo - 21st Century Switchboard

Managing service during busy periods and out of hours

What do clients experience when they phone after hours? Who answers calls during emergencies? How to provide an excellent client experience round the clock?

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Using IT to improve client relationships

Insightful piece by Soo Darcy considering ways that law firms are delivering true value to their clients through technology.

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A new angle on Business Continuity Planning

As a business grows managing risk becomes increasingly important. This whitepaper reports important areas that Business Continuity teams need to address, which are often overlooked.

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Future-proofing your firm through agile working

In recent years, agile working has transitioned from a buzz word into a mainstream business practice. This whitepaper explores challenges to overcome and offers a checklist on how to hit the ground running.

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ComXo Best Practice Tips for Effective Conference and Event Calls

This guide is full of practical tips for conferencing, aimed at enabling users to get the most out of their solution.

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ComXo Best Practice for Effective Switchboard Services

The ComXo team provide a number of inside hints and tips to providing an exceptional client experience.

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Business as usual whatever the weather

Switchboard as a key element to consider from a BCP perspective, integral to Client Experience.

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21st Century Communication with the Human Touch

How the role of a switchboard operator has evolved and explores the very specific skill set required to carry out this highly important function.

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Better Connected

The importance of people and switchboard processes to brand consistency and the need for a best in class communication experience.

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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

Discussion piece with Andrew focussing on the 5 star service that Law firms should seek to provide their clients with at every touchpoint.

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